Aksesoris Pompa Mini-Striker

Aksesoris Pompa Mini-Striker terbuat dari material-material berkualitas yang mendukung penggunaan di lingkungan dengan kondisi ekstrim dan keras. Bermacam kelengkapan pendukung diperlukan untuk mengoperasikan waterax mstr-p pump yaitu antara lain:

aksesoris pompa mini-striker

PVC Suction Hose

Untuk melakukan penyedotan dari sumber air, maka diperlukan aksesoris pompa mini striker berupa Reinforced lightweight PVC hose, specially designed to withstand 70 psi (482 kPa) test pressure.

Universal Spanner Wrench

Untuk membuka dan memasang coupling jalur air diperlukan aksesoris pompa mini striker berupa universal wrench, swivel fittings, pin or lug rocker couplings. Light anodizing alloy, corrosion resistant. 180 mm. 128 g.

Nozzle Combination Spray/Straight Stream

Aksesoris Pompa Mini Striker yang penting lainnya yaitu alat penyemprot berupa Lightweight durable nozzle 1-1/2” female inlet NPSH type, 340 gram. Polycarbonate (plastic), flame resistant and rib-reinforced for strength & gripping. Supplied with 38mm rubber gasket. 14 cm long.

Dividing Wye Ball Valve

Dividing Wye Ball Valve merupakan aksesoris pompa mini striker yang berfungsi membagi aliran air. Unrestricted flow, pressure tested to 1100 PSI (7600 kPa), operate freely at 600 PSI (4136 kPa). Balls adjust automatically to compensating wear. Light, corrosive resistant anodized alloy, painted bright red.

Footvalve and Strainer

Aksesoris pompa mini striker lainnya adalah footvalve and strainer yang berfungsi untuk menyaring kotoran dan benda asing agar tidak ikut terhisap masuk. Spring-loaded check valve, capable of holding awater head equal to 300 PSI. Designed with an ear hole to ease of tying to a floatation device in order to prevent suction of debris. Specifically made of using a 1.5” (38mm) NPSH.

Weeping Forestry Hose

Aksesoris Pompa Mini-Striker yang vital salah satunya WATERAX Weeping Hose is a single jacket all-polyester lay flat hose that weeps to self-protection. This tough yet lightweight is designed for wildland firefighting operations where weight is critical. Each length is coupled with quality forged couplings to increase safety and to resist the rigors of wildland conditions.